Do You Have Less Than Perfect Credit?

Tailored Funding Solutions in NYC

Poor credit is a serious obstacle when it comes to obtaining a loan through traditional banking institutions. At Ozark Consulting Group Inc., we have revolutionized business funding for a variety of industries. We possess the tools and experience to help you get much needed capital as you build your business credit.

Our system is the only one that allows you to monitor your business credit report in real time and lets you access a business credit report at no cost. As NYC business consultants, we are focused on the long-term health of your company, not just the here and now. With our dedication to client satisfaction, we can work with you to develop a funding solution specifically suited to your needs.

Obtain Funding Despite the State of Your Credit

Large and small companies alike can suffer from bad credit. While it may present some challenges for your business, a negative credit score does not have to result in business failure. It is possible to overcome a negative credit score and enable your business to thrive with our bad credit business funding.

Why do our financial services work for businesses with bad credit?

  • We can look past a low FICO score and focus on your overall performance
  • Many of our loans don't require collateral
  • We have access to thousands of lenders and finance sources
  • Our loan services are flexible to suite your specific needs

Local bank loans aren't always the best choice, and we encourage our clients to be honest with us about their goals. The more open you are, the better equipped we are to pursue solutions that can work for you. As a NYC business consultant, we help many clients overcome financial obstacles, and we are prepared to handle a variety of issues.

You may have less than perfect credit, but that won't stop us from working tirelessly to fight for the funding you need and deserve. Schedule your consultation with our team today by calling (888) 879-6114!