Cash Advanced Loans

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A loan can help your business hit new goals and achieve success that would otherwise be impossible. However, due to bad credit, time in business, or a small loan request, etc., loans can be denied. Despite your best efforts, your own loan application may have been turned down by a bank, leaving you to wonder: "What next?"

Why Call Our Consultants?

  • We give access to 1,000s of lenders
  • We find custom-tailored funding solutions
  • We can help you monitor your business credit at no cost
  • It only takes 5 simple steps and 24 hours to get approved

Whatever the reason, know that alternatives do exist. Cash advanced loans are something we commonly offer to businesses who are unable to obtain a traditional loan. At Ozark Consulting, we enjoying saying yes to our clients because we know how much this one word can mean to your business.

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Quick Funding for Your Business-Related Needs

Cash advanced loans are beneficial because they allow you to quickly obtain the money you need without supplying any collateral. In most cases, the merchant cash advance is the most common option and there are numerous benefits to utilizing this alternative.

Some of the distinguishing features of a merchant cash advance are:

  • Repayment occurs through your merchant processer
  • Your bank account is not involved in the cash advance process
  • Daily repayment amounts are based on volume of credit sales
  • There is no set term of repayment

It is of the utmost importance that you work with a lender you can trust when pursuing a cash advanced loan. Our team offers access to thousands of trusted lenders who can supply the financing that you need. We help you find a solution that you are comfortable with and apply our many years of experience to accomplishing your goals.

Call Our NYC Business Consultants

At Ozark Consulting, we never want you to feel alone in the world of business funding. It is easy to lose heart when you are dealing with impersonal banking institutions, but we do things differently.

Our team takes a collaborative approach when addressing your needs and never loses sight of the fact that you are an individual, not just a document to be assessed. We've provided numerous businesses with the cash advanced loans they need and are eager to do the same on your behalf.

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